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Welcome to KangaKids!

KangaKids is an Australian based manufacturer of baby and infant milk formula and food products. At KangaKids we are committed to developing the best baby and infant food products using the best ingredients and manufactured to the highest standard. Our baby and infant milk formula is manufactured from milk sourced from Australia’s best quality dairy cows and is manufactured at state of the art accredited and licensed dairy production facilities.


Infant food products using best ingredients and manufactured to highest standard


Our food products are packed full of natural goodness so you can be sure that your children are receiving the best nutrition


“At KangaKids we offer baby and infant focused food products that meet the evolving expectations of Chinese consumers, underpinned by our cornerstone vision of offering healthy, high quality, Australian manufactured products.”

Our Products

Infant Milk Formula

Our infant formulas are designed to support the healthy growth of your child, supporting development of your child’s bones, eyes, brain, digestive system and immune system.

We understand how important it is that your child receives the best nutritional start in life.

KangaKids provides a product that supports your child’s growth from birth onwards.

 Baby Step 1

(0-6 months)

New Step1

In the first six months of your baby’s life they will undergo significant development. We primarily advocate breast feeding,however for mothers who are unable to breastfeed or who decide not to, KangaKids infant formula is an alternative, high quality formula that is close to breast milk and provides nutrition that your baby needs.


Infant Step 2

(6-12 months)

New Step2

Between six to twelve months, your baby’s nutrient stores and requirements can no longer be met by breast milk, as well as the introduction of solids into their diet. Stage 2 formula will help support their digestion as well as provide iron, vitamins and minerals needed to grow and develop into a healthy child.

Toddler Step 3

(12 months+)

New Step3

As your child starts walking and developing nutrition is important to support their more active lifestyle. KangaKids toddler supplement specifically designed for their immune system and brain development can help your child meet their dietary needs.

Research & Development

Our snack foods are aimed to introduce your child to solid foods as well as provide older children with a healthy snack that they can eat on the go offering both convenience, variety and nutrition.

Baby Rice



Museli Bar

Fruit & Veggies


“KangaKids produces food with minimal or no preservatives and contributes to your child’s healthy development and lifestyle”

Company Capability

The KangaKids’ management team has significant experience in developing and operating global businesses in the resources and food industries. Our team is committed to fulfilling the needs of Chinese consumers and their children by offering healthy and nutritious food products to satisfy these demands. At KangaKids we partner with Chinese distributors, developing the KangaKids’ brand within the Chinese marketplace.


Work with Australian farms and producers to source the highest quality ingredients at the best price.

Customer Focus

Participate with Australian and international research groups to understand the evolving demands of consumers and supply the best products to meet those demands


Capability to change quickly in a marketplace that is developing exponentially to match consumer demand and expectations.

FAQ & Support

Where does KangaKids get its milk from?

KangaKids sources its milk from the Southern part of Australia from Australia’s best dairy cows. The manufacturing process is accredited and licenced to the highest standards ensuring quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

How do you choose the correct infant formula for your child?

Make sure you receive advice from a medical professional prior to introducing your child to infant formula. Make sure that your child does not have any allergies and check the ingredients of the formula prior to use. If in doubt always seek professional medical advice.

What is the purpose of infant formula?

Infant formula is provided as a substitute to breast milk. It is often used when mothers are unable to breast feed due to medical reasons or may be provided out of convenience when the mother is unable to breast feed. Infant formula is specially formulated to provide your child with all the required nutrients they require at each stage of their growth.

What is the benefit of KangaKids infant milk formula?

Our milk formula products are specially formulated to ensure your child receives the correct balance of nutrients to support their growth and development. Our products aid in the development of the bones, eyes, brain, digestive system and immune system. And, because our product is sourced from happy, healthy Australian cows and produced at an accredited manufacturing facility you can be sure that it is not only the best product for your baby but also the safest.

What are the benefits of breast milk?

Breast milk is high in nutrients and supports the baby’s requirements as well as protecting them from infection. It is easier for the baby to digest, convenient and hygienic with breast feeding possibly also helping in the health of the mother.

How should you prepare infant formula for feeding to your baby?

Follow the directions on the formula container to determine amount of formula to water ratios. Always use water that is boiled and then allowed to cool to around the 70 degree Celsius mark to make up formula and test on your wrist prior to serving to your child. Make sure to shake the formula well before serving to ensure the formula and water have mixed correctly.

How should you sterilise your baby’s bottles before use?

It is important that you wash your hands and then clean all feeding equipment (teats, bottles and bottle caps) by rinsing in cold water then washing in hot soapy water using a bottle brush. If your bottles are suitable for sterilisation by boiling then place in a saucepan of boiling water for ten minutes.

When should I introduce solid food to my child?

There is no correct time to introduce solids to your child although by 6 months they should be beginning to try some solid food. To begin with just introduce 1-2 teaspoons of solid food to your child after their regular milk feed. This will give them the chance to decide whether they like it or not. Baby rice, baby porridge and cooked fruits such as pear, apple and banana are excellent first foods to introduce your baby to solid foods.

How should infant formula be stored?

Keep out of the reach of children;
Do not store in damp conditions;
Do not store in direct heat or light;
Do not freeze;
Do not keep formula beyond the use by date.

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